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Chairman’s Report for season 204/15

Chairman’s Report for season 2014/15


I am pleased to be able to report that MOSYFC has had another successful season both on and off the pitch. I have now completed my first full season as Chairman as has Chris Webb as Secretary.

The purchase of the metal goals for all age groups has been a wise investment. Not only does it save time not having to erect the plastic goals before and after matches but the new goals are far more resilient and provide a good facility for the children of the village when not used for matches.


As you may know the club has increased the registration fees by £10 to £90 per BYFL registered player (£50 club members) for next season. This extra money will be used to pay for winter training and referee fees as and when needed. In the past the coaches have had the responsibility of getting additional money for hiring the all-weather pitches from parents. This will no longer be necessary and makes the whole process a lot easier.


As with any football club it could not function without the coaches, Committee members and parents for the support and hard work they do throughout the season.


In respect of the coaches there will be some changes.


* Julian Hood who last season coached the U13’s has decided to call it a day after 7 years with the club. This is a tremendous achievement and the club and parents would like to thank him and wish him good luck with his cricket!

* Steve Wearn who coached the U8’s is stepping down after this season due to work commitments. We appreciate the time and effort Steve has invested into this role and thank him for his hard work.

* John Feick helped with coaching for the U7-8s for the last 2 years, and is now moving back to America with his family. We wish him and his family well.


I would also like to thank Chris Webb the Club Secretary who has done an excellent job in managing the weekly processes around match administration with all the other clubs, and result reporting/ ensuring that the club adheres to all the rules and regulations associated with running a football club. The work this role involves should not be underestimated.


James Beach stepped down as Treasurer after more than four years in the role. I’d like to thanks James for everything that he put in place during his tenure, and for Rob Lewis for picking up the responsibilities in recent months and into next season.


This season Nicky Gale took over the role of Charter Status Officer from Lorna Jones and completed the annual Health Check. The club was delighted to hear that MOSYFC was awarded the Hampshire FA Charter Standard Club of the Year Award 2014/2015 for the Bournemouth Divisional FA.

The judging criteria were:


* Outcomes from monitoring visits during the season.

* Successful completion of the Annual Health Check

* Effective administration and correspondence with Hampshire FA

* Discipline and complaints for Hampshire FA and all leagues


The awards evening was on 6th June 2015 at Southampton Football Club which was attended by Nick Jones, James Beach and Nicky Gale. Photographs of the event will be available on the clubs website.


With the involvement of Nick Jones and the Parish Council the clubhouse has now been refurbished. The kitchen area has been improved with a facility for an outside serving hatch. Enquiries have already been made with Environmental Health to establish what the club needs to do in order to sell hot and cold food from the premises. It is hoped we can complete the required training, put in place procedures and purchase the equipment in time for the start of next season. This will be an excellent facility and during match days provide the club with additional income.


That said, the only way to maximise the profit from the sale of food and drink is by parents volunteering to help out on match days. Ideally, the club would like parents from each age group to run the kitchen on a rota basis and by law their work overseen by one of the Committee members who are trained in food safety and hygiene.


The club has also purchased table and chairs so the clubhouse is now ready to be used for meetings and social events.


To conclude, I would like to reiterate that the club can only function and thrive if we have sufficient volunteers to help out. This not only relates to the makeup of the Committee when vacancies arise, but also when assistance is needed to run other social events to provide income for the club and obviously the annual Funday. Emma Richards and Lisa Smart are the club’s social event organisers so when help is requested please try and support as much as you can.


Here is to another successful and healthy 2015/16 season.


Martin Youngs



Club Secretary report for season 2014/15

This has been another great year for the club. We have successfully run 7 age groups, with close to 100 members (registered league players and other player/members across the whole club). I would like to personally thank all the coaches for their accommodation around match KO times this season. We managed to work through some heavy fixture congestion at Barnes Lane on certain days, and this will inevitably be the case next season as well.


Also thanks to everyone for the promptness in results and team reporting and other countless requests throughout the season. This is an unseen part of the responsibilities that the coaches take on in addition to training and match days. The administration that coaches have to pick up shouldn’t be underestimated, and is essential every week for us to avoid fines with the league. (We have been very successful in avoiding fines once again this season!).


We had to face some weather related postponements and rescheduling early in the season, but nowhere near the extent of 2013/14.


We now look forward to the next season, and player registrations have already started. We have entered 6 age groups into the BYFL next season (U16, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8), and we are required to meet minimum player registrations with BYFL during July. The season itself will kick off in early September.


Finally thanks to everyone who gives up their time supporting the club over the course of the season in all capacities. Without the volunteers we would have no club! For others who would like to, there are always ways to become involved. If anyone would like further information, please contact me.


Chris Webb

Club Secretary


Charter Status Officer Report for season 2014/15


Having maintained our Charter Standard status for another year running, we are also delighted to have been awarded FA Charter Standard Club of the year 14/15 for the Bournemouth Divisional FA as mentioned in the Chairman’s report. This has been a fantastic team effort with everyone working extremely hard to achieve such a well-deserved award. Part of the attainment of the award is through unannounced monitoring visits by the FA to the club on match days. We were very proud to receive 100% score on the criteria rated at our anonymous visit this year at one of the Under 11 cup matches.


There are so many benefits to being a Charter Standard club, one of which is being provided with a free Nike kit for one of our age groups each season. Last year alone over 4200 kits were distributed to FA Charter Standard clubs across England.


Let’s hope the season ahead is another successful one, and our Charter Standard accreditation is maintained for another year.


Nicky Gale

Charter Status Officer


Head Coach/Development Officer report for season 2014/15


I would just like to thank the coaches of all age groups for their devotion and the considerable voluntary time and effort that it takes to put a team out each week. I know how difficult it can be to juggle life’s commitments as well as the expectations of parents and players.


To do all this and be able to provide the high level, quality coaching that I have witnessed in training and on match days is truly commendable. Put that together with results achieved across the age groups this season and it is undoubtedly some of the reasons why the FA bestowed upon us the award for the Best Charter Standard Club for the Hants FA/ Bournemouth area this year.


I expect us to continue the good work next season with the possibility of a little silverware for the cabinet although I am sorry that we are losing Steve, John and Julian from the coaching staff and thank them once again for stepping up to the plate, entering the lions den, sailing through the stormy seas, swimming in shark infested waters ETC………. thank you!!


Nick Jones

Head Coach/Development Officer


Welfare officer’s report for season 2014/15


Coaches, players, parents and club officials can be very proud of the manner in which football is played at Milford on Sea YFC. Supporters play their part in generating a positive, encouraging and wholly respectful environment. Players play to win whilst respecting opposition players and officials. Parents appreciate and applaud good football, by whichever team, respecting the decisions of officials.


The club has been recognised by Hampshire FA for encouraging football to be played in the right spirit and everyone has played their part in ensuring that happens with the ‘respect’ agenda promoted and upheld by all. Well done to everyone!


Richard Grinyer

Club Welfare Officer


Treasurer’s report for season 2014/15

We started the year with a cash balance of £2,716 and closed with a balance of £2,241 (cash deficit for the year of £475).

* We had receipts of £8,245 (prior year 10,552) which is mainly made up of subs, donations and contributions for costs from the senior team.

* Expenses totalled £8,720 for the year (prior year 11,855) which included pitch hire of £2,253, kit/ equipment of £4,568, trophies of £538 and £430 for affiliation fees to Bournemouth, and New Forest Leagues and Hampshire FA.

* Pitch hire for the year included £1,000 for winter football training at Brockenhurst. Included in Kit/ equipment is £2,342 for a goals and £1,176 for line marking (including paint and equipment).

* Overall for kits we have maintained a relatively low net expense this season. Kit sponsorship continues to be an important contribution to the club, so once again thanks to all the Kit sponsors during the year.

With a cash balance carried forward of £2,241 we are in a healthy financial position to carry the club forward for next season.

Rob Lewis




One rule that Hants FA has requested that all clubs re-communicate as part of their AGM this year is as follows:


“All clubs to be required to ensure that no alcohol is consumed in the ground, or premises during the period of any match, except as may be governed by the terms of the club licence with regards to its own members, but no alcohol is to be taken/ consumed outside of the licensed clubhouse, during such match period”.


Whilst we are not aware of any issues related to this at MOSYFC, (and believe this is largely targeted at adult clubs), we have been asked to publicise, as any breach can lead to a charge of misconduct.

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